How to contribute

I created PLOT4ai because I believe it can help the world creating responsible AI solutions. But my work is far from done and I am convinced it can become even better if we do this together. At this moment you can contribute by giving feedback on the content or sending input for new threats via GitHub (see below). And if there is enough interest, I would love to take this to the next level continuing this as a community driven project.

Data format

As you can see on this website, the library is available as a deck of cards - each card containing all the information about a certain threat in a structured way. This deck of cards is generated from a JSON file - a lightweight format that allows to structure the data, while still being human readable.
We have chosen to make this available via github so that everyone can contribute to it while also being transparent about all the changes and the contributions.

Contributing via github

This can be done by forking our project.
Is this completely new to you? A quick search on the internet will reveal many online resources that go into detail how this can be done. Some examples are: