PLOT4ai library can be downloaded in different formats.
On this page you will also find the guidance to implement PLOT4ai and the card game.


Guidelines about how to apply PLOT4ai in practice can of course be found on this website; you can view them on our how-to page
If you want a copy of this content for offline usage, then you can download the instructions pdf

To help you document your threats, we've also made a simple excel file available : Threat Report Template


If you are interested in working with the raw material, then you can choose to download the cards in different ways


As a CSV file. Very useful if you want to import it to a spreadsheet program.
When you import this into a spreadsheet, the following information is relevant:

  • Fields are delimited by a double quote (")
  • Fields are separated by a semi-colon (;)
  • Rows are separated by a newline
If you see strange gaps after importing it then your spreadsheet program has probably applied different settings.


As a JSON file. Very useful if you want it in an easy to consume format to build logic on top.
Please note that this is also available on our GitHub page. This way information about the version and changes is also publised.


For those of you who want to use PLOT4ai offline, a PDF file is available that can be printed.